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Facility Care

Bedside Companion 

Bedside Companion: is a caregiver who provides round-the-clock companionship, observation and care for as long as necessary.

Bedside companions can help ease your mind when your loved one is in a large facility, knowing they have the one-to-one  that they need.

Services can be provided at:

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing homes

  • Rehabilitation centers

  • Assisted living centers

Caregiver rending to elderly woman in bed


  • One-to-one attention to provide companionship and advocacy.

  • When they become anxious calmly redirect them.

  • Walking around the facility.

  • Escort to meals and activities. 

  • Help maintain safety if they are fall risks or have difficulty sleeping.

  • Let family members and nurses know if there have been any health changes.

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