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4 Fun Spring Ideas For Seniors!

With the longer days and warmer weather, now is the perfect time for some spring activities! Here are some easy, low-cost ideas to do with your loved one!

1) Have A Picnic

Many towns have nearby parks suitable for a nice picnic. Pack your loved one's favorite snacks and enjoy nature's beauty!

2) Visit Local Farmer's Markets

Many local markets open up right before Easter! Take your loved one to check out organic options to eat this spring!

3) Visit Local Gardens

All the flowers and trees are blooming! Visiting local gardens really makes you feel like it's spring! Many towns have destinations that are low-cost and perfect to walk through.

4) Do Some Spring Cleaning

This may not be the most enjoyable task, but you can turn this chore into a meaningful activity by going through keepsakes and old photos together. This often leads to pleasant times reminiscing about special memories. Also, it allows your loved one to declutter after spending the winter indoors!


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