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The 2023 HCP PAC Winter Fundraiser!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Helping Hearts At Home will be sponsoring and attending the Health Care Providers Political Action Committee at their annual Winter Fundraiser!

The HCP influences the future of the home care industry. They are leading the industry in adapting, evolving, and thriving within a changing healthcare environment; and setting standards for quality, cost-effective client care. The HCP PAC is essential in driving the efforts of the HCP toward success.

Many critical issues have been facing the home care industry in the last few years, and supporting the HCP PAC will ensure these issues get addressed.

Helping Hearts At Home is dedicated to helping those in need. Supporting the HCP mission will help not only our clients but everyone in the home care industry in New York.


For more on home care or a little assistance at home when you need it most, visit the compassionate team at Helping Hearts at Home today.

Call Us at 631-676-4400

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